Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hell Fire, A Corine Solomon Novel by Ann Aguirre


Hell Fire is Book 2 in the Corine Solomon series. Ann Aguirre continues to develop relationships and keeps up the suspense started in Blue Diablo.

Haunted by what happened to her mother, Corine has held Chance to his promise to come to Kilmer, Georgia to find answers. They find Kilmer a town frozen in the past and full of frightened people. Chance’s luck does not work. Kilmer does not show up on maps. People are disappearing. Corine’s arrival brings the old evil in the town out to finish what was started when her Mother died. When Jesse Saldana arrives Corine has the added problem of her attraction to two different men.

Hell Fire is fast paced and well written. The story is filled with interesting new characters including a new addition to the Corine, Chance and Jesse team. Be prepared for a page-turner.

ROC published Hell Fire by Ann Aguirre in 2010.

I purchased Hell Fire from Amazon.

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