Monday, May 10, 2010

Bloody Right and Bloody Awful by Georgia Evans


The small English village of Brytewood is again the center of espionage (see my post on Bloody Good) during World War II. The German’s have dropped four vampires into the countryside around Brytewood never suspecting that there are Others living who will recognize the German threat. The Dragons, Pixies, Werefox, and Water Sprite will be joined by a few humans to put an end to the vampire’s plans.

Both books are bloody fun and bloody exciting. The books are light hearted, fast moving and filled with danger and romance. The reader also gets a peek at the sacrifices made by all the British civilians during the war.

Kensington Books published Bloody Awful and Bloody Right by Georgia Evans.

I purchased Bloody Right and Bloody Awful as eBooks from Barnes and Noble. Both are loaded on my Nook.

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