Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson

Western Romance

The Quinter Brides continue to face Ma and her shotgun. In Boot Hill Bride it is Hog (Howard Quinter) who faces a shotgun and a preacher when he wakes up in his tent with Randi, an uninvited roommate. Of course, Ma and two of his brothers arrive in time to find them waking up in the same bed. Ma has them married before they have a chance to explain what happened. Randi (Howard’s new bride) comes with some very large baggage. Her father is running for Governor on the Populist Party ticket and he is not a good man. Randi and Hog have some hurdles to overcome before they can find true happiness.

Lauri Robinson continues to write well crafted, entertaining stories filled with humor, danger, and romance. Howard is a wonderful character and Randi is a perfect match for him. Ma and the rest of the Quinters are there to offer a love filled family ready to accept new members. Boot Hill Bride is the third book in the Quinter Bride series. There are still two unmarried bothers. I am looking forward to reading how they get married. Will Ma and her shotgun strike again?

Wild Rose Press published Boot Hill Bride by Lauri Robinson in 2010.

I purchased Boot Hill Bride from Fictionwise.

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