Friday, May 14, 2010

Armed and Magical by Lisa Shearin


In Magic Lost, Trouble Found Raine Benares woke up and gained control of the Saghred an ancient stone that gives the user cataclysmic powers. Of course there is a catch. To power the Saghred you must feed it souls and as you use the power you lose your own soul.

In Armed and Magical Raine is trying to cut her connection to the Saghred and put it back to sleep. The Saghred and some of the souls trapped inside are working to keep her from succeeding. She has come to the Isle of Mid, the center of magic and home of the Conclave to get help. As soon as she arrives things start to heat up. Spell-singers are disappearing, and mages, goblins and elves are trying to get the power of the Saghred for themselves. Raine is trying to stay alive and keep the Saghred from the wrong hands. The power of the Saghred is growing and Raine does not know who to can trust.

Armed and Magical is a great mix of adventure, romance and magic. You will enjoy the book more if you read Magic Lost, Trouble Found first.

ACE published Armed and Magical by Lisa Shearin in 2008.

I purchased Armed and Magical from Amazon.

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