Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nothing to Commend Her by Jo Barrett


Agatha knows that she has nothing to commend her in the marriage mart but her cousin Hattie will not give up on finding Agatha a husband. Hattie has Agatha at another of the pointless balls when Agatha overhears some of the young girls calling Lord Leighton a monster because of the burns he suffered while trying to save his wife from a fire in their home. She takes them to task, storms from the room and runs into a large man loosing her glasses. Unable to see she rants about the unfeeling girls not knowing that the man she is talking to is Lord Leighton. Both feel a connection and several weeks later Lord Leighton makes an offer of marriage. Both feel they have nothing to offer to the other, their home fills with uninvited guests, and someone wants to punish Leighton by hurting Agatha. The marriage is off to a rough start.

Jo Barrett is one of my favorite Wild Rose Press authors. I have purchased and read most of her books. Nothing to Commend Her is her latest release and is a great addition to her books. The writing is crisp, the characters are well drawn, and story has a well-developed plot. The mix of humor, romance and danger makes for a book that you don’t want to put down. Pick this on up, you won’t be sorry.

Wild Rose Press published Nothing to Commend Her by Jo Barrett in 2010.

I purchased Nothing to Commend Her from Fictionwise.

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