Sunday, April 17, 2011

Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Call Me Irresistible: A Novel

Call Me Irresistible has all of the Susan Elizabeth Phillips' trademarks.  There are all the moments I could not continue to read I was laughing so hard.   Add cast of quirky characters and a solid plot, and you have a great story.  There are also old friends from some of Phillips’ other books to add additional interest to the story. 

Meg Koranda comes to Wynett, Texas to be in the wedding of her best friend Lucy Jorik to Ted Beaudine.  Right away Meg senses that the match is not a good one for Lucy and when Lucy leaves Ted at the church Meg gets all the blame.  When Meg has no money to pay her hotel bill she get stuck in Wynett.  The whole town hates her, Ted Beaudine is out to get her and she has to take a job cleaning hotel rooms to pay her bill.  (Did you notice any familiar last names?  Yes, each of the characters is the child of the main characters in another book.) Things get much worse before they every get any better. 

If you are a Susan Elizabeth Phillips fan you will not be disappointed when you read Call Me Irresistible.  If you are not a fan you will be when you finish the book.

I got Call Me Irresistible free as an Amazon Vine member from Amazon.

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  1. My favorite of her books thus far, & I've read them all. Her development as an author shines in this sequel to First Lady that cleverly weaves in other fave characters. It's a Big Book, & yet all her characters - old & new - ring true;dialog is sparky & funny; themes of self-discovery, downfall & redemption familiar yet not hackneyed. I found her penchant for neatly summarizing her character's inner dialog & emotional state a bit much in the novel's opening pages - Show me, Don't tell me! - but I appreciate the challenge of getting all the actors in the same place, letting us get to know them, before she hits the "go" button. Fast-paced plot lingers in all the right places & allows us to see her characters evolve. I've already re-read it twice.


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