Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Texas Blue by Jodi Thomas

Texas Blue

Western Romance

I would have purchased Texas Blue just to get the cover. I love the wildflowers that bloom in Texas every Spring and the bluebonnets are my favorites.  I looked at the cover and thought “Oh, Texas in the Spring!”   The fact that the book was by Jodi Thomas and was a Whispering Mountain Novel made it even better. 

Emily McMurray (Em) and her two sisters grew up on Whispering Mountain and Em has no intention of every getting married.  When her cousin Duncan McMurray sends three bachelors to the ranch as prospective grooms Em has a friend take her place.  

Lewton Paterson has never belonged and would love to have a family and home.  In a card game he wins one of the bachelors train tickets and takes his place.   Nothing works as planned.  Lewton is not comfortable with the sisters and decides to use his time to find out about ranching and Em is the one he asks to teach him.  Both are surprised by what they discover.

Jodi Thomas has again written a great story filled with interesting characters, great action, danger, tension and romance.  These are the children we met in the first books set on Whispering Mountain.  I read where Jodi says there will several more books in the Whispering Mountain series.

Berkley Books published Texas Blue by Jodi Thomas in 2011.

I purchased Texas Blue from Borders.

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