Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keys to the Castle by Donna Ball

Keys to the Castle
Modern Romance

Keys to the Castle is a modern fairy tale complete with happily every after.  Donna Ball has written a fun story featuring a middle aged heroin. 

Sara Graves met and married Daniel, a dashing French poet, only to have him die three weeks later.  A year later Sara must travel to France to settle Daniel’s estate.  When she arrives she finds that the broken down castle Daniel talked about is in reality a estate.  Chateau Rondelais, the castle, needs a lot of work but is Sara is soon charmed with the location, the locals and her late husband’s lawyer.  Of course there are problems that at first seem insurmountable but it would not be a story if everything went smoothly.

Keys to the Castle is a feel good read and it will go on my comfort book shelf to join others that I like to re-read. It is nice to have a HEA for those of us who are older.

Penguin published Keys to the Castle by Donna Ball in 2011.

I purchased Keys to the Castle from Amazon.

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