Friday, April 22, 2011

Alien in the Family by Gini Koch

Alien in the Family
Science Fiction Romance

Alien in the Family is full of surprises.  Kitty and Jeff are planning their wedding when a brand new complication comes up.  It seems that Jeff is descended from the Alpha Centaurion Royal Family and emissaries from the family are coming to Earth to test Kitty’s fitness to be a royal bride.  Of course that is not all that shows up.  Expect several new species of aliens, some friendly and some not.  Kitty also gets a new alien pet, one that is fuzzy and cute, and a new alien female best friend.  Through it all it is  Kitty who sees the big picture and saves the day. 

The wedding does take place but rest assured, there is little resemblance to the coming wedding of William and Kate. 

Once again Gini Koch delivers a fun story full of action, adventure, and romance.  Alien in the Family is full of wonderful characters that are ripe for more adventure. The next book in the series, Alien Proliferation, will be available in December.  Maybe  we will find the answer to one of Kitty’s big questions.  Why none of the Dazzlers are coming on to Chuckie.  After all they love men with brains and in the brain department Chuckie stands out.

DAW published Alien in the Family by Gini Koch in 2011.

I ordered Alien in the Family from Amazon.

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