Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wildcat Bride, Quinter Brides Book 5, by Lauri Robinson

Wildcat BrideWestern Romance

I have been reading the Quinter Bride series since the first book, Shotgun Bride came out and Wildcat Bride was on the list of books I was looking forward to in 2011.  The wait ended this week when I received a free copy of Wildcat Bride from Wild Rose Press.

 There has been a different twist to each book in the series and Wildcat Bride is no exception. Unlike the previous Quinter sons and their brides there will be no shotgun wedding for these two.

I first met Bug and Eva in Shotgun Bride and they have been present in all the previous books.  They are in love but have not been together for several years. Bug’s big love is oil and Eva’s is painting.  During the last three years Bug has been in Pennsylvania learning the oil business while Eva has become a rising star in the art world with her western theme painting.   When they meet in New York sparks fly and not all the good kind.  Both return to Kansas and when they try to get married Ma uses her shotgun to prevent their wedding. Both Bug and Eva must adjust to the way each has changed in the last three years. What follows is a wonderful story filled with many different forms of love.

Lauri Robinson writes wonderful romantic stories and Wildcat Bride is no exception.  Her well-drawn characters are people you would invite into your homes and your hearts.  They face challenges with grace and humor, are loyal to a fault, admit their mistakes and act out of love. The villains get their just desserts and the good guys come out on top.

In some ways I hated to finish the book because Bug was the last Quinter son to find a bride.  However, there is a hint of romance for Ma.  Will Ma get her own story?  I guess I will just have to wait and see.  (I did an interview with Lauri in December.  Follow the link to see what she had to say about Ma). 

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