Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thief Taker, Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner by T.F. Banks


The Thief Taker is a well-written and complex mystery full of well-developed characters set in Regency London.  

When Halbert Glendinning arrives at a party apparently dead from asphyxiation Henry Morton, a Bow Street Runner,  is called to the scene when someone feels that there is something strange in Glendinning death.  His search leads him on an inquiry into the upper circles of London society.  Morton follows  a complex and strange path before finding the truth behind Glendinning’s death. 

The Thief Taker is the first book in a series that contains only 2 books.  It is a shame because the series and the premise has great possibilities.  I always hate it when good series does not sell well enough to continue.   It would be nice but not likely if the authors could find another publisher to continue the series.

Dell published The Thief Taker by T.F. Banks in 2001. 

I purchased The Thief Taker from Amazon. 

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