Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Spiral Path by Lisa Paitz Spindler

Science Fiction Romance

Lisa Paitz Spindler has set The Spiral Path in a unique universe.  Terra and Creed are located in different dimensions.  The wormhole that opens up to connect the two is called the spiral path.  Only children with one parent from Creed and one parent from Terra can stay in either dimension.  Others must limit their time when they travel between the two.

Star Ship Captain Lara Soto is a Chimeran, a child of both Terra and Creed.  Lara was part of the Terran Star Union until Terran tried to turn the Chimeran’s into a weapon against the Creed.  When the Creed did the same she became the leader of the free Chimerans.  Lara is drawn back into action with both Terra and Creed when her twin brother goes missing during a wormhole experiment.  She must work with Star Union Commodore Mitch Yoshida, the man she left behind, to mount a rescue operation.  Both must work to overcome the past and rebuild trust or they will fail.

The Spiral Path has romance, tension, conflict, a large cast of characters, and a very good story.  Lisa Paitz Spindler does a great job of working in back-story and world building in a novella length story.  I found myself wishing that she had chosen to make the story novel length.  There is enough depth to support a novel.  Maybe she will continue writing in this world.  The foundation is certainly there.

Carina Press published The Spiral Path by Lisa Paitz Spindler as an eBook in 2011.

I pre-ordered The Spiral Path from Barnes and Noble.

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