Monday, August 12, 2013

Musing Mondays, August 12, 2013

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Do you ever find that you change your mind about a book, a author or a series.  I found that I had a big change of heart about all of the above when I checked out a audio book by Robyn Carr.  I checked out The Wanderer, book one in her new Thunder Point series.   When I went to check out a new audio book I found Sunrise Point.  Because I enjoyed The Wanderer I checked it out.   I knew I thought it sounded familiar but it was not until I finished listening and went to Goodreads to write a review that I found I had won a copy of the book last year and had written a very negative review.  I did not like it in book form but really enjoyed it as a audio book.  I stated in that first review that I would not be reading any Robyn Carr books in the future.  That sure has changed as I have been checking out and reading  Robyn Carr  on a regular basis now.  I guess it just depends on how I feel at different times.

I wonder how many of you have had the same experience. 


  1. Series and authors have gone sour on me, but I'm not sure the format ever mattered. But I can't listen to audio books at all so . . .

  2. I read the first Virgin River book and didn't enjoy it. Maybe I should give the audios a try.

    Here's my MM:


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