Thursday, August 8, 2013

Intimate Surrender by Laura Landon

Historical Romance

What Goodreads says:

"The bewitchingly beautiful Hannah Bartlett never meant to fall in love, and certainly not with a vicar. But when she meets Vicar Rafe Waterford, she discovers a warmth and tenderness she’s searched for her entire life. Not until it’s too late does she realize that Rafe holds more than the key to her heart; he possesses the power to destroy her—especially when he discovers who she really is.

For years, Vicar Rafe Waterford’s family has made every attempt to find him a wife and see him settled down. Yet, no lady has enchanted him enough to draw him into matrimony…until he crosses paths with the breathtakingly beautiful Miss Hannah Bartlett. Struck by her wit, her charm, and her heart overflowing with love and compassion, he relentlessly pursues her. But when he discovers the secret she’s kept from him, that she is Madam Genevieve, owner of London’s most famous bordello, their love is tested beyond all measure."

I like Laura Landon’s books.  She takes the historical setting and comes up with a different story.

World: The world of the ton just touches on the edges of this story.  This is the world of a woman who found herself on the street and did what she had to do to survive.  She is successful in her profession (the worlds oldest) and uses her success in a great way.  She still has friends who are part of society and that is where she meets Rafe and the problem starts.

Plot:  Landon uses a trope that has many possibilities. Hannah is a prostitute with a heart of gold. Rafe is a Vicar who is still looking for where he can do the most good.  There seems to be no future for the two.  Throw in some danger and anything can happen.

Tension:  Part of the tension is from a Vicar and a Prostitute ever getting together and having an HEA.  The other tension is from a very dangerous man who does not like what Hannah does with the money she earns.  Both are handled very well.

Characters:  Hannah does not fit the picture of a hard unfeeling woman.   In fact, she is drawn as a very caring person.  Rafe is a wonderful man who is trying to cope with what the woman he loves does.  Both are presented in a very sympatric light.  There are some important side characters that add to the story. There were hooks for some of those characters to have stories of their own.

Sex:  I know people get tired of me fussing about pages and pages of sex and how I just skim when I hit that part.  In spite of Hannah’s profession these is very little graphic sex in this novel.  This is not about sex it is about love and that keeps the story moving without all of those pages and pages that I skim.

I received a copy of Intimate Surrender from Amazon Vine.

This is the third Laura Landon book I received and read.  I really like her writing and will be looking for any future releases.

Montlake Romance published IntimateSurrender by Laura Landon in 2013.

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