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The Exodus Towers (Dire Earth Cycle #2) by Jason M. Hough

The Exodus Towers by Jason M. HoughScience Fiction
From Goodreads:
"The Exodus Towers features all the high-octane action and richly imagined characters of The Darwin Elevator—but the stakes have never been higher.
The sudden appearance of a second space elevator in Brazil only deepens the mystery about the aliens who provided it: the Builders. Scavenger crew captain Skyler Luiken and brilliant scientist Dr. Tania Sharma have formed a colony around the new Elevator’s base, utilizing mobile towers to protect humans from the Builders’ plague. But they are soon under attack from a roving band of plague-immune soldiers. Cut off from the colony, Skyler must wage a one-man war against the new threat as well as murderous subhumans and thugs from Darwin—all while trying to solve the puzzle of the Builders’ master plan . . . before it’s too late for the last vestiges of humanity."
Important:  Before you read The Exodus Towers you need to read The Darwin Elevator. 
World Building:  Much of this was done in The Darwin Elevator.  Additional facts are added in The Exodus Towers but much of the story assumes that you know all about the world this is set in. 
Backstory:  Again most of that was developed in The Darwin Elevator and while there are hints about relationships and past actions they are just that hints.  You could be very lost if you read this first.
Plot:  There are several different plot lines in The Exodus Towers.  The book moves to three different places.  Darwin, Brazil and Space all have their own cast of characters and their actions.  They are intertwined in some ways and separate in others.  Those are the human parts of the plot.  The Builders are a separate entity and while they drive much of the plot we really do not know what they want or who they are.  This middle book moves the action and sets the stage for book three. 
Characters:  The main characters are already well developed.   They still play a major role in the story.  There is some additional characters development.  I did find that they stayed true to form here and they moved in a way that aided the plot.  Some new and important characters are added and each is important to the story line.  There are a number of interesting and important side characters that keep appearing.  They are not just thrown into the story but are also well developed.
Tension:  Most of the tension is still from the arrival of the builders and the need to survive.  There is some added internal tension between some of the characters but that is secondary to the story.   Look for additional danger as the different human elements in the story continue to clash. 
Writing:  Even through the story jumped between the different groups it was smoothly done.  The writing kept the tension up.  I could feel the action and the danger.  Everything moved in a manner that kept me reading. 
Look for a cliff hanger ending. 
Del Ray published The Exodus Towers by Jason M. Hough in 2013.
I received an ARC of The Exodus Towers from Netgalley.

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