Sunday, August 4, 2013

What the Bride Wore by Jade Lee (A Bridal Favors Book)

Historical Romance

From Goodreads:

"Jade Lee's hot Bridal Favors series is set in a daring, high-energy Regency world where deep longings, secret scandals, and the competition for social stature are all set against the glittering weddings of the season.

Grant Benton, Earl of Crowle, finally has the funds he always pretended to have, and what he wants now is a woman. That woman is Lady Irene Knopp, who spends her days helping debutantes plan their weddings. A recent widow, Irene longs for love again, but she's afraid to risk her heart, especially to the notorious Grant Benton."

Jade Lee always writes a good story and What the Bride Wore is no exception.  Here are the things I loved about the book.

The Characters:  Grant and Irene are both wonderful.  Both are members of the ton.  However Grant has just spent 5 years running a textile mill and Irene works as a dress designer.   They are not your typical main characters.  Look for what Grant considers his madness and for how Irene can go into a decline.  What the Bride Wore is part of the Bridal Favors Series so there are characters from previous books play an important part in the story.

The Plot:  Of course there is romance and obstacles to that romance.  While Irene loves Mr. Grant she is not as fond of the Earl of Crowle.  There is also danger.  Someone is attacking Irene.  The solution also leads to a bit of a cliffhanger at the end.

Tension:  The obstacles, the attack, what Grant feels is madness all make a mix filled with tension.  The fact that Grant did not see or contact his family for five years causes some additional tension.

Of course Grant and Irene have an HEA.  It would not be a romance if they did not.  What make the book so enjoyable is the unique and very enjoyable journey to that HEA.  Pick this up for a very good read.

Sourcebooks published What theBride Wore by Jade Lee in 2013.

I received an ARC of What the Bride Wore from Netgalley.

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