Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Book View Café

I never know what I will run into when I review a book. I found Book View Café when I went to C.F. Bentley’s web site. (See review for Harmony) This is a new site started on November 19th by a group of published authors. The writers state that “Book View Café is a cooperative site created by a group of writers who want to take advantage of the internet’s possibilities for reaching a wider audience and to distribute their work directly to their readers. ”

Writers are posting short stories, novellas, and novels on the site. There are stories in each of the following areas: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Humor, Romance, Young Adult and Speculative Fiction. All stories I saw posted are free but there is a plan to post some that you have to purchase.

You have to register and log in to access everything on the site. You may meet some of your favorite authors and you may find new favorites at the Book View Café.

I'm off the spend Christmas with two of my sons. See you in a few days.

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