Friday, December 12, 2008

The Confederation Novels by Tanya Huff

Space Opera – Military Science Fiction

For me World Con2008 offered a treasure trove of authors and one of my goals was to hear authors I read on a panel, at a reading or at a kaffeeklatche. I went to a reading given by Tanya Huff. She is Canadian and was in the Canadian Navy (which she laughing said consisted of two canoes and a row boat). I am convinced that Canadians get a lot more fun out of life than we do. We seem to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and Canadian thank us for doing it so they do not have to. Tanya is one of the few authors I have met that I can picture as a character in her novels. My mental picture of Marine Sergeant Torin Kerr was very close match to Tanya.

There are four Confederation Novels published by Daw. Marine Sergeant Torin Kerr is the main character in each of the four. With the rank of sergeant she is the backbone of the corp. She is written larger than life and her exploits are a mile a minute. All of the novels are tightly written and hard to put down once you start. I just finished Valor’s Trial, the latest novel published in 2008 and it was as compelling and action filled as the first, Valor’s Choice. I don’t know if Valor’s Trial is the last in the series as there was enough of a hook at the end to support another book. I certainly hope to hear more about Torin Kerr. If you have not read this series you have a treat coming. Pick up the first one and join in the adventure.

The Confederation Novels in order are:

Valor’s Choice
The Better Part of Valor
The Hear of Valor
Valor’s Trial

There is an omnibus A Confederation of Valor that contains the first two novels.

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