Friday, December 19, 2008

Shotgun Bride (The Quinter Brides Book One) by Lauri Robinson

Historical Western Romance

Shotgun Bride by Lauri Robinson and published by Wildrose Press in 2008 has a lot of familiar elements. There is the untrustworthy brother who trades his you innocent sister for the horse he could not pay for, the forced wedding of the sister to one of four brothers, and the struggle by both new wife and new husband to act honorability. Set in Kansas all of the elements seem new and fresh in this enjoyable story. On a personal note, I get tired of page after page of sex scenes. I loved the fact that Lauri Robinson keeps sex scenes to a minimum. Here is what Fictionwise says about the book:

“Like most girls, Jessie Johnson will never forget the first time she met her mother-in-law. After all who can forget a shotgun pointed at them? Bartered for a dead horse at gunpoint, she either agrees to marry one of the Quinter boys or her brother will hang for horse theft. Jessie knows nothing about being a wife- other than the wedding will likely put her new husband in grave danger. After being knocked unconscious by his brothers, Kid Quinter finds himself surrounded by his uncouth family, the sheriff, a preacher, and an adorable young woman. Tied to a chair, he's given no choice but to marry Jessie Johnson. And that's just the beginning of his troubles.”

This is the first in a series of four books and I am looking forward to the next one. At present this is only available as an ebook.

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Lauri said...

Hi JC,

I just received an alert about this post and wanted to say thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed Shotgun Bride. I grew up in Kansas, so the setting is near and dear to my heart. The second book in the series, Badland Bride (if all goes as scheduled) will be released in 2009.

Thanks again!