Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair

Science Fiction Romance and Space Opera

I keep finding new books to read. Yesterday I got a list of books that had virgin heroes. I purchased one I had not read and decided to review one of my favorites. So much for my plan to do series this week. I will get back to that list later.

Games of Command published by Bantam Spectra in 2007 is among my favorite books. Bantam Spectra contracted with Linnea Sinclair to republish her books originally written for a small press that went out of business. Finders Keepers, Gabriel’s Ghost, Accidental Goddess and Games of Command were all part of that contract. The original story line was a two-part book. Only the first was published. Bantam did not want a series and had Linnea rewrite the story as one book. I have read Command Performance, the first book in the series, and I found Games of Command to be a much tighter better-written book.

I call this a space opera romance. The book is filled with plot twists and action. While there are two different romances in the book the main characters are Captain Tasha Sebastian and Admiral Brandon Kel-Paten. The two had been enemies for years. When a new threat appeared on the scene the old saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” came into play and the two are now part of the new Alliance. Tasha is posted to Admiral Kel-Paten’s ship as part of the peace treaty. Tasha is the opposite of Kel-Paten and thinks that he hates her. He is a biocybe and as far as he knows one of a kind. Created to be the ultimate warrior he is part machine and part human programmed feel no emotion but anger. He is a great at his job, follows all the rules, but is ill at ease in other situations. Tasha thrives in situations that are outside the box. The two first met 12 years before when the then Captain Kel-Paten boarded the ship Tasha was on to commandeer its cargo. Tasha outwitted him and he left empty handed. Tasha did not fear him and managed to do what few other could. Kel-Paten had managed to overpower his emotion inhibitors and he fell in love with Tasha. For the next 12 years wrote her love letters that would only be sent when he died. Now he finally has her on his ship. And so the story is set. They capture a rebel, nothing goes as planned. Tasha learns of Kel-Paten feeling when she breaks into his files. It is nonstop action from there on.

If you like Science Fiction Romance I predict that Games of Command will land on your favorites shelf.

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  1. JC,

    GAMES OF COMMAND is one of my all time favorite Space Operas. I can't help but think of Braden as Pinochio. He wants to be a real person. No one else seems to see him in that light, however. Now that Disney is rereleasing the 1940's film, perhaps there will be others who see the resemblance. I am so glad to see you reviewing some of my favorite books. :-)

    Frances Drake

    Writing Science Fiction Romance
    Real Love in a Real Future


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