Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Saga of Seven Suns by Kevin Anderson

Space Opera

I got a newsletter from Kevin Anderson this week. I met both Kevin and his wife Rebecca Modesta at Denvention 2 (World Science Fiction Convention) in Denver last summer. I signed up for their Kafffeekiatschle. If you have never been to a Science Fiction Convention (Con for short), a kaffeekiatschle allows fans to meet and interact with authors as a small group. At Denvention I was one of the lucky 10 that attended Kevin and Rebecca’s kaffeekiatschle. Both are Science Fiction Writers who write as a team and as individuals. I went because I had read The Saga of Seven Suns written by Kevin. This is a seven book series. The first book has enough hooks to keep you reading and each succeeding book adds hooks, characters, and action.

If I had to describe the books with one word it would be sweeping. There are human, Ildirans who are similar to humans, hydrogues’s who live on gas giants, wentals who are water beings, faeros who live in suns, Klikiss Robots, Klikiss, and the green forest. Some are allies and some are natural enemies. All are intelligent being and all are involved in a titanic struggle for survival.

The series should be read in the order published. I recommend The Saga of Seven Suns. You will have many hours of good reading.

The books of the Saga of Seven Suns in the order published are:

Hidden Empire
A Forest of Stars
Horizon Storms
Scattered Suns
Of Fire and Night
Metal Swarm
The Ashes of World

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