Monday, December 1, 2008

StarJumper’s Bride by J.A. Clarke

Science Fiction Romance

Yesterday was a cold day with off and on snow flurries so I spent the afternoon on the couch reading and watching the birds visit the bird bath and bird feeder. I had StarJumper’s Bride published by LionHearted Publishing on my wish list for over a year. I finally added the book to my Amazon order that arrived on Friday. StarJumper’s Bride by J. A. Clarke was a great read for a cold snowy Sunday afternoon. I love science fiction romance and am always delighted to find one with an engaging story and great characters. The relationship between the two main characters, Cassie Gordon and Sebastian Asteril, was not rushed but developed as the story unfolded. There was danger, romance and intrigue and I did not want to put the book down. It is the second book set in this universe, but it stands on its own. StarJumper's Bride was a 2006 Eppie finalist in the Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance category. According to J.A. Clarke’s website there will be a third book in the series coming out in the future. I give StarJumper’s Bride 4 thumbs up.

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