Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jake Masters Mysteries by Mike Resnick

Science Fiction Mystery

This is a slightly different series. Written by Mike Resnick, all three Jake Master mysteries are a standalone short story. Each was published in a different year and in a different magazine but that is not where I read them. I purchased them from Fictionwise. They were just added to their inventory and when Fictionwise started their Christmas sale I purchased all three.

The stories are set in the Birthright Universe. I felt right at home as I had read several novels set in the same Universe. Jake is typical of the old style detective. He retired from the police and became a private eye. The only difference between today and Jake's time is the settings and the characters. There are different planets, many aliens, and of course humans. Each story was a satisfying read and reading all three in close order left a sense of visiting with an old friend. If you get a chance read the Jake Masters mysteries. The three I read in the order they were written are:

Guardian Angle – First Published in Down These Dark Spaceways, September, 2006
A Locked-Planet Mystery - First Published in Alien Crimes, January 2007
Honorable Enemies – First Published in Baen’s Universe, April 2008

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Anonymous said...

There's a 4th Jake Masters novella coming in the October, 2009 issue of Jim Baen's Universe, titled "If the Frame Fits..."

Mike Resnick