Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Counterfeit Countess by Kay Furness

Today my Mixed Book Bag has a Regency Romance.

The Counterfeit Countess is a short fun read. Francis, Lord Surby is astounded when Rosalind Fallows arrived in London claiming to be the widow of his cousin Thomas. He threatens to ruin her if she pursues her claim but she outwits him. Forced to acknowledge her as a member of the family the action heats up quickly. Francis (Frank to his friends) and Rosalind are engaging characters that are like oil and water. They don’t mix but the attraction is there. This leads to a well-written book full of snappy dialogue, laughter, suspense, misunderstanding, and action. There are great supporting characters that help to move the story along. Kay Furness has written an enjoyable and entertaining Regence Romance. Buy and enjoy.

Awe-Struck E-Books published The Counterfeit Countess in 2009. Ii is available only as an e-Book. I purchased at Fictionwise. It is also available at Awe-Struck E-Books and Amazon. Kay Furness has published one other Regency Romance, The Reluctant Petruchio.

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