Friday, February 6, 2009

A Roll of the Dice by Catherine Asaro

Science Fiction Romance is on top of my Mixed Book Bag today.

A Roll of the Dice by Catherine Asaro was first published July 2000 in Analog. The novella is set in the universe of the Skolian Imperialate /Eubian Traders and is the side story of Jeremiah Coltman who we met in the Ruby Dice. There are currently 12 books and several side stories in this popular series. I have read the books in this series, but have had trouble finding the side stories. Thanks to Catherine Asaro’s web site and Fictionwise I now have found and read most. You can read two of the stories free on Catherine’s web site and purchase A Roll of the Dice on Fictionwise. Watch for new stories in Analog.

Catherine writes both fantasy and science fiction. If you are looking for a new author who writes Science Fiction Romance give her books a try.

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