Thursday, February 12, 2009

Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson

Parallel History was on top of my Mixed Book Bag today.

Taylor Anderson has written a World War II alternate history with a riveting twist. Published by Roc in 2008 Into the Storm just came out in paperback. The Walker is a vintage World War I destroyer that is still on duty in the Pacific at the start of World War II. On the run after losing the battle with an overwhelming Japanese force Captain Matthew Reddy sails the destroyer into a squall hoping to escape certain destruction. When the Walker emerges from the squall the crew finds that the earth is different. The geography is the same but the inhabits are not. Humans did not evolve here. Instead there are two different races locked in a war and the Walker must decide which side to support.

Taylor Anderson has recreated a historically accurate picture of the Navy and ships at the beginning of World War II and placed the ships and men in a fascinating alternate world. The vivid picture of the Walker and the world she arrives in will draw you into the story. After reading Into the Storm I immediately ordered Crusade and Maelstrom the next two books in the series. I found both on Amazon.

I think the series has something for everyone. There is parallel history, military history, adventure, fantasy and just good reading. I strongly recommend Into the Storm.

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