Monday, February 9, 2009

Horizons by Mary Rosenblum

Space Opera is on top of my Mixed Book Bag

Published by Tor in 2006 Horizons ended up near the bottom of my to be read pile. After I finished reading it I wondered how it kept from floating to the top.

Mary Rosenblum is the author of Horizons. I visited Mary’s web site and found that we had some things in common. Both of us found Science Fiction as young girls and we had the same problem with the early Science Fiction books. There were no women in the stories. She and I both rewrote the stories in our head adding women to the mix. Mary continued to write and in her writing has created some great female protagonists. I continued to read and love the fact that there are Science Fiction stories with strong women.

Horizons has one of those strong women. Ahni Huang is part of one of the leading families on Earth. She takes an elevator to one of the platforms high above Earth and makes a several startling discoveries. On a personal level she finds her family is not what she believes. While one New York Up she discovers life in micro-gravity is changing humans. Both discoveries impact the future of her family and the continued existence of the Platforms. Be prepared for surprises, treachery, adventure, romance, and a look at what the human race could become. Filled with well written characters Horizons is a very good read.

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