Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rough Edges by Jannifer Hoffman

Romance/Suspense Thriller is in my Mixed Book Bag today.

Resplendence Publishing released Rough Edges by Jannifer Hoffman as an eBook in February of 2009. I purchased Rough Edges from Fictionwise and read the book on my eBookwise reader.

Julia Morgan M.D. just miscarried her twins, divorced her husband, and lost her job. Her sister thinks Julia needs a change of scenery and talks her into applying as a nanny for Dirk Travis a rancher is Colorado. To get the job she does not mention that she is a doctor. Julia’s ex-husband is trying to find her. Dirk has been separated from his wife for 3 years before she drops their children off at the ranch and goes missing. Both are keeping secrets. The story is old but the writing is fresh and engaging. I enjoyed following Julia and Dirk’s story. There are great supporting characters, a wonderful setting and a well thought out plot. Right now Rough Edges is available only as an eBook. You can purchase at Resplendence or Fictionwise.

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