Thursday, February 26, 2009

Galaxy Blues by Allen Steele

Science Fiction/Space Opera is in my Mixed Book Bag today.

Galaxy Blues was published by ACE in 2007. This is the second book written in the Coyote Universe and joins the four books written about Coyote. It can be read as a standalone. I had read two of the books written about Coyote but even if I had not I would have had no trouble following the story in Galaxy Blues.

Galaxy Blues has all the elements Space Opera. Aliens, humans who read minds, a young hero rising above the odds, and new ways to travel in space. Through in a romance (I notice that more and more Science Fiction contains a romantic element. Maybe authors are noticing that romance sells!) to spice things up and you have a great story.

In Galaxy Blues as in all the Coyote books Allen Steele writes an entertaining and engaging tale. If you like science fiction/space opera be sure to read Galaxy Blues. If you have never read any of the Coyote series you can start here and keep reading.

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