Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hawksbill Station by Robert Silverberg

A classic Science Fiction story is on top of my Mixed Book Bag Today

My Science Fiction Book Club selected Hawksbill Station to discuss at our February meeting. If any of you have a book club that discusses Science Fiction this is a good book to read and discuss.

Robert Silverberg wrote Hawksbill Station in 1967. It was originally published in Galaxy Magazine and was expanded and published as a book in 1968. It is out of print.

Hawksbill Station is located 1 billion years in the past and is the dumping ground for political prisoners. The trip is one way. Silverberg set the political scene 40+ years from 1967. The political views portrayed in the story were surprisingly relevant. Move the dates to 40+ years from today and you would not know when the story was written.

If you run across a copy of Hawksbill Station pick it up to read. It is a very short book, only 147 pages. Send me a comment after you finish. I would like to know what you think of the book.

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