Friday, January 21, 2011

Deadly Sanctuary by Sylvia Nobel


Deadly Sanctuary was the free ebook at Barnes and Noble on the first Friday in January.  It is also the first book in the Kendall O’Dell Series.  Giving away the first book in a series is a good way to hook readers and it worked on me.  

After losing her job at the Philadelphia Inquirer and being dumped by her fiancée, Kendall O’Dell takes a job in Castle Valley, AZ.   She is looking for not only a job but also a change to a drier climate to help her asthma. 

The Castle Valley Sun is a small paper and Kendal is taking the place of a reporter who disappeared several months ago and has not been heard of since.  Her new boss thinks that the disappearance is linked to a story the reporter was working on and he wants Kendall to look into what really happened.  The Arizona setting is great and the descriptions are wonderful.  There are enough interesting characters to keep the story going and the clues to the mystery surrounding the reporter’s disappearance are subtle enough to hold the readers attention and keep the plot moving.   All in all this is a great introduction the Kendall O’Dell Series.  
Nite Owl Book published Deadly Sanctuary by Sylvia Nobel in 1998, The eBook was released in 2009.

I got Deadly Sanctuary free from Barnes and Noble.

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