Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scoundrel by Zoe Archer

Paranormal Romance

Scoundrel is the second book in the Blade of the Rose series, Because Zoe Archer did not have to include as much world building in Scoundrel I think it is even better than the Warrior, the first book.  (Follow the link to see my post on Warrior.)

Bennett Day is a love them and leave them guy.  He is also a Blade of The Rose, a group sworn to keep ancient magical relics out of the hand of the Heirs who will use them for world domination. London Harcourt is the daughter of one of the leaders of the Heirs.  She knows nothing of the Heirs or their mission but because she is the only one who can read a dialect of ancient Greek that will lead to a relic her Father brings her to Greece to help with the mission.

Bennett and London meet by chance on the streets of Athens and feel an instant attraction.   Even though they should be on different sides they join forces and are pulled into a quest full of adventure and danger.   The Greek Islands lend a great background for the story.   Like Warrior, Scoundrel is filled with wonderful fully developed characters and a plot that keeps you reading.  Bennett and London make a great team and both find something very unexpected as they work together.

There are four books in the series;   Rebel and Stranger have been published and are the last two.

Zebra published Scoundrel by Zoe Archer in 2010.

I purchased Scoundrel from Borders.

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