Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How I Stretch My Book Budget - Part 1

If you read my posts you see that I buy a lot of books.  I have several ways I stretch and even add to my book budget.  I thought that the first of the year would be a good time to share some of the ways I use to buy more books.  This is the first of four posts.  

One of the first ways I do that is to use in my Borders Rewards account.  I started with the free Borders Reward account.  With that account every few days I would get email coupons that gave me between 25 and 50% off one book.  Since I went by Borders on a regular basis I would print my coupon and use it when I book I wanted came out.  I also got Borders Bucks to spend when I spent a certain amount each year.  Last year Borders started offering a Borders Reward Plus Account for $20.00.  With that account I got an addition 10% off of any purchase and free shipping on any book I ordered from Border.com.  I purchased The Plus account for the free shipping.  Before I often ordered from Amazon but had to buy $25.00 before I got free shipping.  That meant that I would not order until I had books totaling $25.00 and I seldom pre-ordered.  Now if I see one book that I want and it is not in the store I can order and not pay shipping.  The downside is that Borders is not as good as Amazon in getting some books shipped out.  You read what happened with Alien Tango.  I had another book that traveled the country before it finally arrived at my house.  Even with those problems I will still keep the Plus Account and still pre-order.  

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