Sunday, January 16, 2011

How I Stretch My Book Budget – Part 4


                                           Free eBooks

If you read my post on Marry Me you may have noticed that I downloaded it free on Barnes and Noble.  Free is a great way to stretch my budget.  I find free books several places.  I found Marry Me when I checked the list of free books on the Amazon Kindle web site.  The top 100 free books are listed on the side of the page.  If something is free at Amazon it is usually free at Barnes and Noble so I checked and downloaded it to my Nook.  I really lucked out with Marry Me.  It was a new release and only available for a few days.  Usually the free books are older issues.   There are several other places I find free ebooks.  I belong to the AllRomance Ebooks site and they frequently have promotions offering free ebooks.  I try to visit Barnes and Noble every Friday. If you are in the store they offer one book as a free download to your Nook.   I also follow several other blogs that sometimes list free ebook offering.   Keep your eyes open and you can come up with some good free reads.

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