Monday, January 24, 2011

Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee


As Like Clockwork starts London is filling up with automatons that are taking over many of the jobs that people used to do.  Victoria Waters is one member of a group of scientists who helped develop the automatons.  She is very concerned about the many uses these untested units are being put to.   On her way to voice her concerns to the Commission for Animatronic Affairs she is kidnapped by Dash, a member of a group that opposes the wide spread use of the automatons.  The two are from totally different social classes but find they share similar views about how the automatons are being used.   Add a group of murders by the Southwark Slasher, the secret actions of the Commission for Animatronic Affairs and you have a set up for danger and suspense.  Of course there is also the attraction between Dash and Victoria to add spice to the story.

Like Clockwork is a novella of 90 pages but Bonnie Dee has used each page to great advantage producing a well-rounded and complete story.  Dash and Victoria are well thought out fully developed characters.  The story has a great pace and moves smoothly from start to finish.   Like Clockwork is a very good short read and I hope Bonnie Dee writes more of the same. 

Carina Press published Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee in 2010.

For a limited time Carina Press offered Like Clockwork as a free ebook and I downloaded it during that time. 

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