Saturday, January 8, 2011

Problems with First Generation Nooks

I purchased one of the first generation Nooks last February and I love it.  When I was in Barnes and Noble in December one of the clerks looked at my Nook and realized it was one of the first generation.  She told me they had had trouble with the buttons that changed the pages on many of the first generation Nooks.  I looked and realized that there were small cracks on the buttons on both sides.  The clerk told me call 1-800-THE-BOOK.  I called that day.  Barnes and Noble is overrun with calls from all of the people who purchased or received Nooks this holiday season.    I held for 30 + minutes only to be transferred to another person where I held another 30 + minutes.  When I finally got to the correct person I was only on the phone another 10 minutes.  I ordered my Nook online so it was easy to check my purchase date. The representative took my information and told me I would receive a free replacement for my defective Nook within the next two weeks.  I would then ship the defective Nook back postage paid.  I got an email that day with the instructions for printing out the postage paid label. .  When I asked he admitted there was a problem with all of the early Nooks and if you call in the first year after purchase Barnes and Noble was replacing them free of charge.  If you have a first generation Nook take a careful look around the page turning buttons.  If you have any cracks call before the first year is up.

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