Thursday, January 13, 2011

How I Stretch My Book Budget – Part 2

I wrote about Borders Rewards Plus in the first post on how I supplement my book budget.  I love gift cards and here is the way I get some without paying any money.

The first way is through My Points, a shopping web site.  I collect points that can be exchanged for gift cards several ways.  The first way is by clicking on emails sent by My Points advertising different merchants.  If you click on the email you earn 5 points.  The second way is by purchasing online through My Points.  As an example:  When I buy a book from Barnes and Noble I go first to My Points.  While I am on that web site I click on Barnes and Noble.  When I purchase going to My Points first I earn points for each dollar spent.  In the case of Barnes and Noble I earn 10 points for each dollar spent.  I do the same when I order from Borders.  When I order anything online I check to see if the merchant is listed on My Points.  If they are there I go to their web site through My Points.  When I get enough points I exchange them for gift cards from Barnes and Noble or Borders. 

The second way is by using my Discover Card.  When I have $20.00 is cash back I can exchange it for a $25.00 gift card from one of the big chain bookstores.  This only stretches you book budget if you pay the card off each month. 

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