Monday, September 23, 2013

Musing Mondays September 23, 2013

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Today I am musing on books that are reissued with a new cover and sometimes with a new title.  I ran into one last Tuesday.  It was Deadly Pursuit by Nina Croft and is a Blood Hunter Novel.  It has a 2013 copyright and was listed on Entangled Publishing's email of recommended books.   I like the Blood Hunter books and went to Amazon to check it out. I knew it sounded familiar when I read to blurb then I found that it had been published before and had reviews from 2011.

I know authors want to sell more books but they need to treat their readers fairly.  Say it is a re-print.  If I had purchased this book and then found it was a reprint I would have been very angry.  How do you feel about reprints?   Are authors and publishers trying to fool the readers? 


  1. Great post, this really annoys me too. I have mistakenly bought a second title of a book I'd read previously and just felt cheated by the author and publisher!

  2. This annoys me no end - it is actually fraud as it tries to convince the consumer that it is a new book when it isn't. Bad form.

    Have a good week.
    Lauren @ The Hottie Harem

  3. I completely agree. It is very annoying.

  4. I have not come across this, but yes if I had i would not be happy! :) Geez people be honest about these reissues!!

  5. Dunno.. this has never happened to me. I have an ancient trusty diary that I write book names into, the ones I've read. Maybe that's why I find it easier to remember names...
    Also, here's mine

  6. I haven't ran across reprints though but what I think about it, it is seemingly unfair and it's a waste of money.

  7. Haven't encountered this myself but I agree its bad form and I'd feel duped. Here's my musing:

  8. Haven't encountered this myself but I agree its bad form and I'd feel duped. Here's my musing:

  9. This hasn't ever bothered me, possibly because I don't get e-mail from publishers and possibly because I don't read many long series. For the most part, if I see a re-print at the store, I know it's just a new cover because I know what book it is. But with author's who write longer series with a lot of similar titles, this could definitely get confusing!


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