Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Enchanting the Beast (Relics of Merlin) by Kathryne Kennedy

Paranormal Romance

From Goodreads:

Grimspell Castle. With its dark, imposing stone walls, it certainly looked haunted. As a ghost-hunter, Lady Philomena was accustomed to restless spirits. But she found the dark, imposing nature of the castle's owner far more haunting than any specter. London Society might not approve of shape-shifters such as Sir Nicodemus Wulfson, but firmly-on-the-shelf Philomena rather enjoyed the young baronet's sudden interest in sniffing around her skirts. She'd even consider giving in to him altogether if not for a murderer on the loose—a beast that might just be Nico himself.

I love the Relics of Merlin series.  Kathryne Kennedy come up with wonderful stories that stand on their own.  In each story she mixes the same paranormal elements but comes up with something that is unique to each book.  Enchanting the Beast fits right into the series.

Lady Philomena (Phil) comes to Grimspell at the invitation of Sir Nicodemus Wulfson (Nico).   There is a problem at Grimspell.  All of the ghosts are upset and causing problems.  Phil agrees to find the solution. 

There is another problem.  Nico is a wolf shape sifter.  He may be younger than Phil but he is very attracted to her.  His wolf has always been very near the surface and in addition to the attraction she calms his wolf like not on else ever has.  Phil is also attracted to Nico but feels that there is just too much difference in their ages for anything to work.

So the plot is to find a way to lay to rest the ghosts and get Nico and Phil together.  Those two elements make for a very entertaining story.  I admit I did suspect the person to blame for all the trouble but it did not affect my enjoyment of the story.  Nico and Phil are both such great characters and they did a good job of carrying the story.

There is some world building that is done in previous books.  It is dropped into Enchanting the Beast but for the most enjoyment do read the other books in the series.

Love Spell first published Enchanting the Beast by Kathryne Kennedy in 2009 and did a re-release in 2014.

I received an ARC of Enchanting the Beast from Netgalley.

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