Monday, March 10, 2014

Musing Mondays, March 10, 2014

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After I retired and moved to my current house I unpacked almost every box.  Two day ago I pulled down one I had not unpacked looking for Baby Books and my Wedding Album.  I found those but was surprised by what else I found.  The box was full of books and two in particular showed my two very different careers.  Here they are:

Anglo American Cataloguing Rules and Aviation Meteorology Unscrambled are both very large and very heavy books.  One from my time as a School Library Media Specialist and one from my time as a Pilot.  Seeing the two remind me that even though the two professions seem to be very different they did have some things in common.   In both I was always looking to learn new things and in both there was a sense of adventure.  Both had new elements every day and both kept me from ever being bored.  

I will add that in today's electronic world most Media Specialist do little cataloging.  Now a book comes with it won electronic catalog card that is just added to the catalog.  In fact I did almost none as you could purchase books with the paper catalog cards already done.

How many of you have different careers?  Even if there seem different were there thing that are the same?


  1. What a neat discovery. I've worked in a variety of industries over the years: retail, manufacturing, and financial services. The common thread that runs through is I've been in a customer service role in each of them.

    Hope you'll stop by at

  2. I was a Library and Information Science major in college. :)

  3. Both very interesting careers! I love it when I find old things I had forgot about. I never worked in a library but my teenagers assure me that it is quite different from when I was in school. Go figure! :)

  4. What a fascinating find! A great way of underlining how much things have changed in a short space of time!

  5. Wow, that's pretty cool! Both pretty different careers, but both are very interesting! I love finding old hidden away reminders of things you loved or did.


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