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What Else I Read in March of 2014

These are books I read but didn't review on the blog.  All had short reviewes on Amazon and Goodreads and those reviews are posted here.

Audio Books:

River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz - This was a fun book filled with mystery and romance.  I loved Lucy and Mason.  They were made for each other.  There were several mysteries in the book including a body in the fireplace.  Even though I figured out who the killer was early in the book it did not change my enjoyment of the story.

Larger Than Life by Kay Hooper - This is one I wanted to try just to see if I liked everything by Kay Hooper.  I listened to another book by Hooper several months ago and picked this one up at the library two weeks ago.  It was a nice pleasant story with a big secret that I caught on to by the middle of the book.  I still enjoyed the romance and the two main characters.


The Late Scholar a Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane Mystery by Jill Paton Walsh - I have not read any of the Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane books by Dorothy L. Sayers so I lack some of the background about this two main characters in The Late Scholar. There are also 3 previous book by Jill Paton Walsh that I have not read. Even with that it was not that hard to keep up with both the characters and the story. There is quite a bit of backstory in the book and the mystery does not depend on any thing from the past. This is a pleasant read with great description and a lot of information that shows that the author had to do a lot of research. I enjoyed learning about Oxford while trying to figure out who done it. Even if you have not read any of this series you can enjoy The Late Scholar.

The Bride Says Maybe by Cathy Maxwell - Both Lady Tara Davidson and Breccan Campbell were characters in The Bride Says Yes.  The backstory from that book is presented at the very start of this book.  I loved Lady Tara.  She is very beautiful but not one thinks she is very smart.  Turns out they are wrong and it takes a marriage to Breccan for anyone to realize it.  Breccan is like other men.  At first he just sees her beauty but soon realized there is more to her than he thought.  This does have an almost beauty and beast trope.  Breccan is a giant of a man and while Tara says he has a strong face not one ever says he is handsome.  What does happen between the two is a journey of discovery, a journey that has to develop trust between the two, and in the end a great HEA.  I am looking forward to the next Brides of Wishmore book coming out in October, 2014.

Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos - I love Military Science Fiction and Terms of Enlistment is a good example of why I love it.  Andrew Grayson has no future unless he enlists in the military.  It is 2018 and the Earth is not that great a place to live. The military is the best place Andrew has ever seen.  There is good food, a place to sleep and a retirement bonus if you make it through your 5 years.  Of course nothing is that simple.  In every job there is danger; first on Earth and then in space.  Terms of Enlistment has all the elements that make a good story.  It has danger, it has great characters, and it has the suspense that comes from facing the unknown.  Look for surprises and an ending that just sets up the next book Lines of Departure.

Dangerous Seduction (A Nemesis Unlimited Novel) by Zoe Archer - Nemesis is at it again. Simon, the founder of Nemesis, is off to Cornwall to help the copper mine workers. Simon is always helping others but never himself. Alysce Carr works at the mine and is always trying to get better conditions for the workers. They are a natural as partners. Alysce is strong and fearless and Simon is drawn to her from the start. Look of a lot of action, quite a bit of history and a great romance. Like book one, Sweet Revenge, Dangerous Seduction has a well written story, great characters and a lot of action. Now I am waiting for book 3.

Lines of Departure (Frontline Series)  by Marko Kloos - I read book one, Terms of Enlistment, in the Frontlines series and really loved it. You can read my review here and on Amazon. Lines of Departure was a little different. It has the same characters and it was good to see them again. I did have trouble getting into the book. The first half was just a setup of a situation that allowed the author to set the scene for book three. I really liked the second half but for me the first half was not as exciting as I expected. The world building was done in book one. I do recommend reading Terms of Enlistment before you tackle Lines of Departure. Don't expect anything to be resolved, this is a typical middle book in a trilogy and it just sets the stage for future action.

David: Lord of Honor by Grace Burrows - David is the last of the Lonely Lords series to be published by Sourcebook and it is one of the best.  (There are additional books that Burrows is planning to self-publish.)  One of the things I liked was how several of the son’s from Windham’s series were worked into the story.

I loved both David, the main male character, and Letty, the main female character.  David is such a strong man and is carrying a great sorry.  Letty is also very strong and she is carrying a great secret.  The scenes with the two of them are wonderful.  You can just feel the love and the tension between the two.  There are so many things that should keep them apart but in the end they get their HEA.

I also liked Letty’s brother Daniel Banks.  He has an important part in allowing the two to get together.  I was hoping he would get his own book but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

In David the plot and the writing went together to form a very smooth story.  I did know Letty’s secret well before it was revealed but that did not effect my enjoyment of the story. 

David does well as a stand-alone but like any series it would be better if you had read the previous books in the series as well as the Windham series.

Death of Yesterday by M. C. Beaton - Hamish is up to his old tricks.  He solves the murder, picks up the wrong girl, and is engaged again.  Like pervious engagements it ends almost before it begins.  Good addition to the series.

An Impractical Match by Barbara Dunlop- Jillian Korrigan and Devlin Camden seemed to have nothing uncommon but those senior citizens over in Florida think they will be the perfect match. Look for another fun book where two unlikely people find themselves draw together.  This is another fun read filled with fun characters and quite a bit of drama before another two people find their HEA.

Waiting On You by Kristan Higgins - This is the second book by Kristan Higgins that I have read.   It is the story of Lucas and Colleen.  It is a nice story with come complex characters.  Waiting on You is the third book in the Blue Heron series and I read book two.  While I enjoyed the story I still have not warmed to the series or the characters.    There was just something about both Lucas and Colleen that just did not sit well with me.  I just did not like Lucas and wanted to kick Colleen for never getting over him.  I did like some of the side characters and hope several have stories in the future.

The Way You Look Tonight (The Sullivans #9) by Bella Andre - If you thought all of the Sullivan's had found love you forgot about the Seattle Sullivan's   Here are 5 new Sullivan's - the children of Jack Sullivan's bother and sister-in-law.  Rafe is the first one to fall in love.  He is sure that love does not exist because he spends his time catching cheating spouses.  Then he buys the lake house his parents lost when hard time hit and finds Brooke who is old friend living next door and is drawn to her.  Look for another great love story with a new cast of characters.  The other Sullivan's make several guest appearances so we can keep up with how they are doing.


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