Monday, April 21, 2014

Musing Mondays, April 21. 2014

TC is in the sun musing about the chipmunk she sees out the window.
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My musing today is about a book I just finished.  I received a copy of The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison from Netgalley.  I was not sure about the book but from the moment I started reading I was hooked.  The author used something tried and true.  The Emperor and his entire family are killed leaving only the son he hated alive.  I have seen it done before but that did not matter.  Addison put a fresh spin on the story and I loved it.  Maia is the son and he has been raised away from court.  His Mother was an unwanted bride and was sent away soon after the wedding.  She raised Maia until her death.  He was then sent away in the care of a man who was physically and mentally abusive.  He never expected to be Emperor.

The story starts when he learns he is Emperor and it follows Maia as he learns and grows into the job.  The world of Elves and Goblins is built as the story progresses.  New and interesting characters fill the pages and they are developed using their actions around Maia.   The story is full of tension, action and intrigue.  The Goblin Emperor seems to be a stand alone and ends on a very nice note.  I will admit I hated to see Maia and his world end.  Maybe the author will build on the world she created and we will see more of both the Elves and the Goblins.

If you like a combination of fantasy and steampunk I think you would love The Goblin Emperor.

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