Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 86 - A Mystery at Carlton House by Ashley Gardner, The Earl's Dilemma by Emily Larkin, Long Upon the Land by Margaret Maron

A Mystery at Carlton House (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, #12)A Mystery at Carlton House by Ashley Gardner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a lot going on in A Mystery At Carlton House. It starts with Captain Lacey and his wife Donata giving birth to their daughter but not without problems. From there Lacey gets involved with the disappearance of objects at Carlton House. Lacey and Donata are an unusual couple and their relationship is explored and strengthened as the story progresses. I loved the moment when Lacey finally convinces Donata that she is the most important person in his life. The mystery itself has a number of twists and turns. Grenville and Maryanne, Mr Denis and Brewster all play an important part in the story as do the Bow Street Runners. This is a great series that just keeps getting better and better. I always have the books on pre-order and read as soon as they up-load to my Kindle.

The Earl's DilemmaThe Earl's Dilemma by Emily Larkin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked the characters and loved how Kate held her own with James after hearing why he was asking her to marry him. Finding him the perfect bride made for some really fun and interesting moments. For James it also was an eye opener. Showing that PTSD is something that happened in the past was a nice inculcation. This is Larkin's first book and is not as smooth as her later novels but was still a nice read.

Long Upon the Land (Deborah Knott Mysteries, #20)Long Upon the Land by Margaret Maron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am sad, sad, sad. This is another great story featuring the Knott Family but it is the last one and that is why I am sad. Maron finished it off in a very grand manner. I did get to see most of the characters and see how Kenzie and Sue got together. That was very satisfying. The dates did not bother me that much. That is a big problem with long running series. The technology just changes so fast that it often messes up the time line. Start at the beginning for a really great mystery series.

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