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Short and Sweet Book Reviews #91 -Lord of Chance by Erica Ridley, Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlois, The Last Good Cowboy by Kate Pearce

Lord of Chance (Rogues to Riches, #1)Lord of Chance by Erica Ridley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Charlotte Devon is running from her past and Anthony Fairfax's running from his debt. The two have such different problems there is no way they should get together. Then they make the mistake of claiming to be married and forget that in Scotland that means they are married. I loved how they both found a way to make the marriage work while solving both of their problems. Anthony turned out to be more that just a very charming gambler and Charlotte learns that her birth does not define her. A nice story with interesting characters. My only problem with Ridley's writing is how long she spends inside her characters head with no outside interaction. More dialog to define the problems less time just thinking about them.

Catch a Tiger by the TailCatch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You never know what will happen when you catch a tiger by his tail. Lulu finds out when she gets involved with Broderick. In this short story both Lulu and Broderick have secrets that lead to some laughs out loud moments. Broderick knows Lulu is his mate but she is human and just does not want to believe him even though she also feels the bond. There is enough world building and backstory to support the plot. The ending did make me wonder if there is a story for another character in the works. This is a nice short read. Pick it up for when you don't have time for a long books but need something to lighten your mood.

The Last Good Cowboy (Morgan Ranch, #3)The Last Good Cowboy by Kate Pearce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ry Morgan has finally had enough and he is back at the Morgan ranch to stay. His identical twin does not take it well and that adds to the tension in the story. Avery Hayes provides the romantic tension. She had a bad accident 7 years ago and does not see herself as being complete. Ry on the other hand does and now that he is home he is acting on the attraction that he felt before he left years ago. I really liked Ry. He is one of the good guys and his action reflect that. There is still the mystery from when his mother disappeared when he was 5 years old and some old stuff comes out in the book. Between the tension between Ry and his twin, Avery's lack of confidence, and trying to find what happened to Ry's mother this a cannot put down book. There is still one Morgan man and a new character ready for romance. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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