Sunday, February 1, 2009

Her Sanctuary by Toni Anderson

Today my Mixed Book Bag has a Romance/Mystery.

Wild Rose Press published Her Sanctuary in 2008. Toni Anderson has written a book with drama, action, twists, turns and of course romance.

Elizabeth Ward is an FBI agent on the run. She was moved from Art Fraud to Major Crimes to help close down a mob group. She is betrayed by her fellow Major Crimes colleagues and has to run for her life. She arrives at the Triple H Ranch in Montana in early April and finds a place she can call home. The Triple H Ranch has been in Nat Sullivan’s family for generations. He is trying to hold on to the land. He is attracted to Elizabeth but does not understand many of her reactions. Elizabeth needs to stay hidden to stay alive and does not need the complication Nat represents. This provides a lot of room for an edge of your seat story. Once you start you will have trouble putting it down.

There is also a hook for what I hope is the next story in what appears to be a series. There are several supporting characters that are ripe for their own story. I will really be disappointed if at least two do not have their own book. This is the first book Toni Anderson has published.

Currently Her Sanctuary is only available as an eBook. It will be released in paper in March. I purchased the eBook version from Fictionwise. It is also available from Amazon and Wild Rose Press.
Buy and read. You won’t be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

JC, thanks for the lovely comments on my first book--I really appreciate them :) I am currently editing Marsh and Josie's story and who knows who'll turn up in the future. Thanks for reading!!

JC Jones said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Let me know when Marsh and Josie's story comes out. I am anxious to read more about those two.