Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Else I Read in October 2012

Historical Romance:

A Summer Seduction by Candace Camp - This is the second in the Legend of St. Dwynwen trilogy.  Look for danger, romance and maybe a surprise when you see who the bad guy really is. 

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter by Lori Austin - This is a western and the first in the Once Upon A Time in the West series.  I love the title and the cover and the book holds up to both.  Cat and Alexi are great characters, made for each other but not before they have to go through a lot.  Both have things in their past that they have to overcome before there can be a HEA.  The next book comes out in 2013

An Unsuitable Bride by Jane Feather - This is the last in the Blackwater Brides series.   I have not read the first two and it did not matter.  The book works fine as a standalone.  This on had a lot of mystery and tension.  Alexandra is trying to right a wrong but is breaking the law to do it.  Peregrine wants her to story but in the end fails.  Look for an exciting finish to the series.  There are plenty of side characters available for future stories.

The Last Renegade by Jo Goodman - This is another western.  Jo Goodman always writes a good story and this one is no exception.  I loved Kellen Coltrane, the hero.  Lorraine Berry who owns the Pennyroyal Saloon and Hotel is a great match for Kellen.  Both are keeping secrets and both are threatened by the same man.  It is great to see the secrets unravel.  Each one helps to bind them together and defeat the man who has held the town in his grip.

Contemporary Romance: 

Twelve Days by Tresa Hill - This is a good feel good story and the start to the McRae series.  It is almost a prequel.  This one is about Rachel and Sam the parents.   The next books are about the children.  It was free on Amazon. 

Science Fiction Romance:

Metal Mark by Ella Drake -  Good story with a new twist.  I would have like it better if it had been written in a more active voice.  For me there was too much time spent in the character's heads and not enough dialog and action.  


Magic in the Blood by Devon Monk - the second in the Lllie Backstorm series.  Full of adventure and ends with a cliff hanger. 

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