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Mistworld (Twilight of the Empire, #1) by Simon R. Green

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Science Fiction

What Goodreads says:

"Shielded from Imperial attack by the powerful espers who have sought refuge there, Mistworld--the haven for outlaws, rebels, and misfits--faces a new threat from a shadowy figure intent on stalking its streets."

Goodreads didn’t say much.  Mistworld is the first in the Twilight of the Empire series. Ghostworld book #2 and Hellworld book #3 are also available.  I’m not sure this is a new series but when I went to Simon R Green’s web site these books were not even mentioned. .  It is placed in the Empire, the same universe as Green's Deathstalker books. However this series is unique in its setting.  Mistworld is the only outlaw planet left in The Empire universe. 

Mistworld begins with a  series of chapters that feature different characters.  Each chapter combines back-story, world building and character development.  It was a little slow going at first as there was a lot that had to be introduced and the plot seemed to be the part that was left out.  It did take awhile for all the threads to come together but once that happened it was hard to put the book down.

The setting on Mistworld sounded familiar to me.  It is a world cut off from trade with a very cold climate.  I didn't find the setting unique but it did fit the story.

There were some very strong characters in Mistworld. There were also some characters that were very developed who were killed off early in the book.  There was a satisfying conclusion to Mistworld.  The main characters who saved the day were neither all good or all bad.  That made for some interesting interaction. 

Mistworld is an interesting book and I am planning to read the rest of the series.  The book fits the way Simon R. Green writes.  There is a lot of violence but it fits the setting.  His writing style carefully sets the scene and lets the story develop in a careful and controlled manner. 

Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy published Mistworld by Simon R. Green in 2013.

I received an ARC of Mistworld from Netgalley.

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