Friday, February 20, 2015

Book Beginning and The Friday 56 - February 20, 2015

I'm linking up with Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings and Freda's Voice for Page 56. Check out the links above for the rules and for the posts of the participants each week. Pick the closest book on your book stack and join the fun.

The Beginning:

"Half blinded by the storm, she stumbled into the opening between two building. Hoping to hide rom whomever was hunting for her as well as get some relief from the snow and wind, she followed an angled wall and ducked around the corner."

Page 56:

"How could anyone look into those eyes and not understand that a predator was looking back at you? Monty though as he took the last steps to the counter. How could you not know that there was nothing human behind those eyes?"

From the first book in Anne Bishop's new series Written in Red, a Novel of the Others. I just finished an ARC of the third book Vision in Silver and found that I wanted to re-read the beginning. I pick it up at my local library and stayed up late last night to read. I did not finish and ended up going back to bed to finish it this morning. Now I wish I had checked out Murder of Crows while I was there so I could stay a little longer in this world.

Click here to see my review of Written in Red on Goodreads and here to see Vision in Silver on Goodreads.

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