Saturday, February 28, 2015

What Else I Read in February 2015


The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane by Elizabeth Boyle - Once again Boyle has come up with a really fun romance.  Louisa Tempest fits her name.  At least where Viscount Wakefield is concerned.  He has come home from the war and retired to his house to drink and sleep.  All of that changes when Hannibal, Louisa's cat runs into the wrong house, the one belonging to Viscount Wakefield.  I love Hannibal.  He is such a cat.  From there it is a really fun tempest leading to a great HEA.  Louisa has a twin so we will see more of these great characters in the next book.

Chosen by Nina Croft - Chosen is the first in a series and as it ended I was reminded of the old time serials where the end was a cliff hanger.  You are left with a what happens next feeling.  Since this is short (only 75 pages) it does not take you long to get  to that point.  What Croft did in 75 pages was establish the two main characters, introduce side characters,  fill in part of the back story, and do the world building.  I found it a very satisfying read and will be looking for the next installment.

Cowboy Heaven by Cheryl Brooks - I liked the characters in Cowboy Heaven. All of the cowboys were really hot and fun. Angela McClure has some really great fantasies and then gets to live some of them out. This is erotica so if you don't like a lot of sex don't pick this up. What starts out as just a need for love and sex story changes as the book progresses. It seems someone is targeting anyone who shows an interest in Angela. It was not that hard to guess who but it was hard to know why. A nice fun read. At the end one of the cowboys and Angela are a couple. I wonder if the next books in the series will feature each of the others.

Never Too Late by Robyn Carr - This is one of her early books.  I saw it at the library and picked it up out of curiosity.  While it is a good story the writing is not up to her later standards.  Still enjoyable for a quick short read.

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