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Mantle of Malice (The Tudor Enigma #3) by April Taylor

Alternate History

From Goodreads:

England’s infant heir has been kidnapped, and there’s only one man who can find him.

Luke Ballard has dedicated his talents—and his life—to protecting the throne. As Henry IX’s Privy Inquirer and Dominus Elemancer, his loyalty is no longer in question. But when Queen Madeline’s coronation is interrupted with the news that Arthur, the baby Prince of Wales, has been abducted, Luke is given an ultimatum: retrieve the royal heir and prevent future threats to the royal family or lose his head.

That the young prince has been taken by dark forces is clear. The evil sorcerers of Custodes Tenebris will not rest until they hold power in England with Catholic Mary as a puppet Queen. Luke has bested them before, but he’s never needed to defeat evil while falling in love—Arthur’s nursemaid, the beautiful Blanche Oliver, has won him over with her seductive charms.

As Luke’s investigation leads into the dark recesses of his own family’s past, Blanche’s hold on him deepens. With the fate of the Tudors hanging in the balance, Luke will need to draw upon untested strength and sort truth from feminine fiction…for the enemy’s reach is long and time is running out.

Book three of The Tudor Enigma

Once again Luke is called on to solve a mystery.  The price if he does not could be his head.  There is a new plot and new characters who want to get rid of Henry the IX and his Mother Ann.  What is different this time is that it is obvious that Luke is under some kind of spell.  Everyone around him sees it but he refuses to listen.  It takes time, travel and many hurt feelings before he comes to his senses and solves the mystery.

Look for new directions for some of the side characters.  There is also additional world building for this history where Ann does not lose her head and gives Henry XIII a son. 

I am enjoying this series.  I like that it features someone outside the court as the main character and adds magic to the mix.  Mantle of Malice can be read as a stand alone but like any series is better if you have read the first two books.

Carina Press published Mantle ofMalice by April Taylor in 2015.

I received an ARC of Mantle of Malice from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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